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Connection Design & Manufacture Commercial Furniture to Create Space That Works

We design and manufacture innovative commercial furniture that adapts to the ever-changing ways in which people effectively work and learn. Allowing you to create space that works harder, smarter and altogether better.

After all, we know that space is a critical asset. The way it’s defined influences physical and emotional attitude, creates culture and affects the productivity of those within it. Exactly why we build this philosophy into all of our thinking and all of our products.

Our insight into the needs of modern commercial, educational and public-sector environments gives us an understanding of their evolving working practices. We’ve identified these as Collaborating, Focusing, Meeting and Socialising. These four cornerstones interpret how people work together, seek sanctuary, access technology and share ideas. And by understanding how people work, we can create the space that works around them.

Take a look through our portfolio and you’ll find a collection of dynamic furniture solutions that are agile, intuitive and support the working practices for all sorts of environments from complex office settings to large-scale education projects and everything in between. We love what we do and we love a challenge, so if you need help creating a more effective and productive workspace – a space that works, get in touch.

Let's connect. To find out more, please get in touch with us on 01484 600100 or fill out the contact form below.

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We offer a collection of furniture configurations that enable the users to work more diversely. A perfect setting for private, independent or group working.


Collaborative workspaces can be vital for nurturing creativity and productivity. We also offer a multitude of ways to create environments for education and presenting.

Soft Seating

You can't put a price on comfort. We offer a wide range of elegant and comfortable seating solutions to get the most from your working experience.

Tables, Stools & Benches

We collaborate with some of the UK’s leading workplace consultants, designers and trend forecasters to create innovative solutions for your tables, stools & benches needs.

Work Chairs

Our work chairs designed and built with meticulous attention to detail. In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, they are also assured for quality and comfort in any executive setting.

Work Café

These products are useful across a wide range of educational, café and workplace settings

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Dogley Mills, Penistone Rd, Fenay Bridge, Huddersfield, HD8 0LE
Tel: 01484 600100